Analyzing natural and built environment
using satellite imagery

Sunlight reflecting off our earth’s surface carries the specific signature of the structures it has reflected off.

Using deep learning, these spectral signatures and the spatial patterns that arise from specific objects allow for detection and monitoring of a wide range of processes. Whether it is detecting changes in land use, monitoring water quality,  tracking of oil spills or determining the location of solar panels, Clockworks has developed a scaleable platform that allows rapid development and integration of your specific satellite-data based solution!

Smart Digitization

Unlocking the digital potential of analog meters

When transitioning to a data driven organization, old analog assets that are not digitally connected can be costly to replace or monitor through manual inspection. Smart digitization of such analog meters and sensors, using affordable and easy to install imaging sensors combined with complex algorithms can disclose such assets in a digital way. Digitizing assets this way unlocks a great potential of pattern analysis, real-time monitoring and anomaly detection.

Predictive Maintenance

Predicting your asset’s remaining life-time,
optimizing maintenance with anticipation

In capital-intensive organizations, managing the life and uptime of assets is of critical importance. In such industries, efficient maintenance and prevention of unexpected downtime becomes one of the main drivers for top-line growth through increased utilization and bottom-line growth through cost reduction in parts, materials and unnecessary capital investments.

Developments in machine learning, predictive analytics and computer vision have unlocked the potential of predicting individual assets’ remaining lifetimes based on its generated data. Whether it is rail, road or utility infrastructure or sensor equipped machinery and assets, Clockworks has proven expertise and experience in creating solutions for data-based life time estimation able to predict failures before they occur.

Process Optimization

Optimizing business- and production processes
using integrated data sources.

With growing demands for quality, efficiency and sustainability, sub-optimal processes can come at high costs. Whether it is business or production processes, actionable insights from integrated data sources can provide significant optimization opportunities or uncover previously unknown inefficiencies.
Clockworks has helped optimize numerous processes using pattern recognition combined with human expertise.

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