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At clockworks we push the boundaries of intelligent imaging. By unlocking the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence we make computers see with super human accuracy. With our experience and expertise we develop software solutions that are dedicated to achieve the impossible, making your visual data truly valuable.



We are nerds and we are proud of it. We are a team of data scientists experienced in the state-of-the-art of Deep Learning AI and machine learning with a passion for computer vision and are driven by the urge to solve those problems that no other technology has solved before.

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Discover our latest product: BLICKER

Blicker is the intelligent meter readout assistant that digitises gas, electricity and water meters from photos. This solution empowers utility companies’ customers and service engineers with digital, expert assistance to collect meter readings first-time-right and in the blink of an eye.

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Our knowledge of AI, machine learning, computer vision and predictive analytics goes deep and it has become a toolbox of skills like no other. The clockworks team is open for any challenge that our knowledge might be applicable too, no matter the complexity of it. In fact, the more complex it is, the more fun it gets.